Ever since I was little, I wanted to be a pilot.  I was fortunate to get a pilot slot in the Marine Corps and flew the CH-53E helicopter and the UC-12W over an 11 year career that included 3 combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan and an overseas tour in Japan.  I am currently a First Officer on the Boeing 767 for a charter airline that supports the Department of Defense. I have been flying paramotors for a little over a year now and I can honestly say that it is the most fun flying that I have done and I look forward to each flight.


Dallas, TX


Born in Argentina, Fabrizio grew up watching the soaring wings of paragliders. He knew that their simplistic method of flight was all he needed to get his fix of being a pilot. While in Argentina, Fabrizio decided that acro paramotoring was what he wanted to specialize in, and the adventure drove his love for the sport even more. Upon moving to the United States, Fabrizio became a full-time instructor - teaching others his unique form of flying. He is still spreading the word and good of paramotoring, teaching students at his school in Houston.

Houston, TX


Dallas, TX


On December 10, 1977 Dan took his very first airplane ride in a Cessna 152
out of Memphis international Airport. That began a lifelong love of aviation.
Dan became a private pilot and always wanted to pursue commercial
aviation but never quite got the opportunity. In 2007 Dan was introduced to paragliding and that satisfied his longing to fly. He currently has over 400 hours on Paramotors. Dan is married to a beautiful wife Diana, has five children and three grandchildren. He serves as a police chaplain and an amateur and professional MMA fight chaplain. Dans friends call him

“Danger Dan”

Memphis, TN


Clint started Powered Paragliding as a way to take to the skies when and where he wanted (weather permitting). Skydiving has been his go to sport for the last 20 years but he would find himself wanting to fly his parachute as much as possible on more and more jumps. Now, he can fly his wing for hours at a time in the most amazing locations, refuel and do it again.

El Paso, TX

Growing up, Collin was always enthralled with aviation. Thanks to his parents, he took his first flying lesson in a 1964 Cherokee 140 on his 10th birthday - using phone books to see over the instrument panel. Collin solo'd at 16, and got his private pilot license at 17. In 2011, he discovered powered paragliding, and took flight that year. He's been hooked since.


"The freedom and views you experience in this sport, along with the worldwide friendships you attain, are unlike anything you'd believe. This community is a family" - Collin


Lauri is a pilot who always emphasizes safety and skill on every stunt, competition, record attempt or even an evening XC flight. He believes you can do anything on a paramotor, but you must always mitigate risks to your skill level. If not - there is always another day to fly.

You can do something no one has done before, and still keep the risks to acceptable levels.
He never stops learning and still loves doing ground handling training.
Lauris favorite food is medium rare steak  and he is always hungry.

Tallinn, Estonia


Corpus Christi, TX


Cancun, MX


Mesa, AZ

This is James (Jimbo)..and he Flies. Jimbo’s journey here has been a long one, but it was all worth it. Jimbo not only serves as a team pilot, but also as the chief mechanic. As a master mechanical technician, advanced welder with fabrication capability, and more, he brings a vast skill set to the team. Jimbo’s passion for the sport is as strong as ever, and he continues his education any chance he gets. He loves giving back to the community that has provided such a wonderful form of aviation.

“I’m looking forward to the future, and showing this amazing way to fly to the masses” - Jimbo

Noah has been passionate about aviation since he was young. He’s been a helicopter pilot since 2008 and paraglider/paramotor pilot since 2015. He’s flown in Iceland, Mexico, and all around the U.S.A. Noah loves to travel and enjoys planning adventure expeditions with his paramotor.


“I don't think there is a better, safer, or more affordable way to experience aviation than powered paragliding (paramotor). “ - Noah

As far as he can remember, Nik has wanted to fly. At age one he jumped out of a two-story window saying “Superman” and has sought that freedom ever since. Nik tried skydiving and loved it but needed more air time. He learned to fly planes and loved it but couldn’t afford to fly as much as he wanted. Then, he discovered Powered Paragliding and all his dreams have come true. He flies almost every weekend and loves to teach others to fly as well.


“Powered Paragliding gave me the freedom I sought when I first jumped out of that window as a kid.” - Nik



Kyle Matula


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